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K2 Base Camp Trek

K2 Base Camp Trek

  • Strenuous Trekking
  • Transport, hotel and breakfast included
  • Experienced, safe driver-cum-guide
  • Experienced Mountain Guide and Porters for Trekking portion
  • Camp Meals and fees included
  • Price per night per Adult sharing a double room/tent (Rs. 7,999)

Baltoro trek is undoubtedly one of the Great Walks of the World that offers some of the most amazing mountain scenery on the planet. Certainly a trekker could find more difficult terrain to challenge the heart but no finer to inspire the soul. It is indeed a trek into the throne room of mountain gods, as famous photographer Galen Rowell proclaimed. The scenery varies greatly from the green fields of Askole to the giant, granite towers and formidable glaciers of Concordia. Unlike the beaten treks of Nepal and India, this is a high adventure tour, far from the crowds. Once leaving Askole, it is absolute wilderness so one should not expect tea houses or any other fixed facility like in Nepal but you can expect even better services from your professional camp crew who strive day and night to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Concordia to K2 base camp trek is a bit strenuous and usually recommended for experienced trekkers but having said that, we have also seen first time trekkers who have a good degree of physical fitness, equally enjoying it as much as a veteran Himalayan trekker.   The 62 km long Baltoro is the third longest in Karakorums yet Pakistan’s number one trekking destination. Ulibiaho, Trango and Cathedrals are nature’s finest and most dramatic, granite architectures, openly challenging the most accomplished rock climbers. Seven of the 25 highest peaks of the planet rise in the surrounding of Concordia, including 8611 m high pyramid of K2.

Day 01:

Drive (4×4) Skardu to Askole (3000 m). 130 km/6-7 hours/800 m ascent

In the morning we shall follow the standard procedures of briefing with REP of Ministry of Tourism and after registration with local authorities (if required), we shall be heading for Askole. It is another spectacular drive initially through the Mars-like landscape that dramatically transforms into the fertile valley of Shigar which is famous for most delicious apricots. Impressive Haramosh Wall stretches on eastern side of the Braldu River whereas Khusargang and Mungo Peaks show-off on opposite side. We pause for lunch at Apoligon, a heavenly orchard where food is served under shade of apple and apricot trees. Last two hours journey is all about appreciating flawless skills of the drivers as well as the power of the engines. Our camp crew will give you a warm welcome at Askole with a hot cup of tea that will be good start of a stirring affair. Marked tents will be allotted….welcome to your new home & feel free to show-off all the goodies that you have gathered for this lifetime adventure. Overnight in tents.

Day 02:

Trek from Askole to Korofong (3000 m) Dist 8.6 km/4-5 hours/50 m ascent

You shall get up early anyway as our crew will be busy distributing loads among loud porters. It is a short day that gives you plenty of time to enjoy the stunning scenery without pushing yourself. Initially we follow a jeep track and then switch to the original trail that leads us up along the Biaho River. We cross Biafo River through a wobbly suspension bridge and walk through a long stretch of a flat ground while enjoying breathtaking views of Bhula, Choricho and Tilted Bakhordas Peaks. Formidable debris of 65 km long Biafo Glacier stretches on our left hand side. Korofong that is located at glacier’s north-eastern margins is a small oasis-like campsite, littered with Tamarisk and willow trees that provide a comfortable shade to weary walkers. The glacial stream that flows throw the camp gives washing opportunity.  Watch Balti porters baking “Khurba” (thick Balti bread) that is consumed in days to come. One can go for an acclimatization walk following Biafo’s lateral moraine, on true left side. Overnight in tents.

Day 03:

Trek from Korofong to Bardumal (3300 m)Dist. 15.6 km/ 7-8 hours/250 m ascent

This is another easy walking but comparatively longer day. We start early to avoid high temperatures in lower Baltoro. After crossing the glacial debris we follow a well beaten trail towards Domordo Valley where we cross river through another narrow suspension bridge. Before 1998 one had to cross the river in a dangling cage attached to a pulley. Rest of the walk continues along the Biaho River. Bardumal is a vast open field fed by a small clear water spring. Overnight in tents.

Day 04:

Trek from Bardumal to Paiyu (3450 m). Dist. 6 km/ 3-4 hours/150 m ascent

It is short day but you may spending quite a bit of time taking loads of photographs as you shall get first sight of gigantic snout of Baltoro Glacier. Paiyu Peaks (6660 m) Cathedral towers and Biale Peak are lined up on the northern margins of the Glacier whereas Mango Gusar (6875 m), Urdukas Peak and Liligo Peaks guard the western side. Paiyu is a Balti word that means salt, referring to the nearby white slopes that provide salty taste to the grazing animals. Paiyu is the last camp where one can get a tree shade before setting foot on forbidding glacier. Tents will be pitched on the platforms prepared by porters and you can enjoy the majestic views while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.  A spring water source further makes it a convenient campsite that is why most of the trekking parties spare an extra day that allows porters to cook enough bread for tough days on glacier. An Italian NGO has built some fiber glass toilets and washrooms where one can enjoy a shower (bucket & mug) as it will not be possible till you come back in several days’ time. Overnight in tents.

Day 05:

Acclimatization walk to Paiyu Peak base camp (3980 m). 4-5 hours (round trip)

Today feels like a weekend as we don’t start packing hastily as usual.  After a late breakfast we set out for an acclimatization walk towards Paiyu Peak base camp. A vague shepherd trail steadily winds up the south-eastern flank of the mountain. Make sure to take at least one litter of drinking water as there will be none till you return to camp. The fatigue is worth taking as from higher up one has fantastic views of bigger mountains that dominate upper sections of Baltoro. After spending sometime at the higher elevation, return to camp where a delicious hot lunch awaits. No doubt Paiyu is the most favorite camp of porters where they enjoy a rest day washing, cooking, singing and dancing. You shall be certainly entertained with loud Balti singing and traditional dancing which is performed to cherish a day at leisure before they tackle the challenges of the glacier. Usually they almost force to involve you in dancing and if you are a shy person it is best to watch it from a safe distance. Overnight in tents.

Day 06:

Trek to Khuburse (3930 m) Dist. 10.8 km/ 6-7 hours/ 480 m ascent

After a good rest-day you shall feel fully charged and excited to tackle frowning Baltoro. Initially it is easy walking on low angle slopes of Paiyu peak. After an hour and half, we get to glacier’s terminus where trail leads upwards and we diagonally traverse the Glacier for next couple of hours and reach a small campsite known as “Liligo” located on the southern side of the glacier. Enjoy a hot lunch while appreciating majestic views of Paiyu Peaks (6660 m), Ulibiaho Tower (6417 m), Lobsan Spire (5707 m) the classic Nameless Tower, Great Trango (6286 m), and dramatic Cathedrals. Sometimes Ibex can be spotted on higher green slopes above the camp. Later we switch back to the glacier where the trail alternates between glacier and lateral moraine in order avoid the treacherous Liligo Glacier. Khuburse is named after a fragrant plant that grows in abundance in surroundings of the campsite. Your tents will be pitched by our staff on a series of platforms and you can benefit from the clear water flowing next to your tent but always choose a convenient spot downstream from camp. Overnight in tents.

Day 07:

Trek from Khuburse to Urdukas (4050 m) Dist 5.1 km/3- 4 hours/120 m ascent

Between Khuburse and Urdukas camps two tributary glaciers from south-east flow into Baltoro thus the trail moves towards the main glacier to skirt these side glaciers. Numerous types of alpine flowers bloom on these side slopes, a great contrast with mass of grey and black glacier on the other side. On the way, we shall get distant glimpses of 8047 meter high Broad Peak besides the Biale Massif. Being a pleasant and convenient campsite, Urdukas is usually a bit over crowded but if you hike half an-hour, you’ll reach the meadows above the camp that offer one of the Karakorum’s finest panoramas. Overnight in tents.

Day 08:

Trek from Urdukas to Ghoro II (34380 m) Dist. 12.1 km/ 7-8 hours/ 330 m. ascent

From here onwards our journey continues on solid ice. The invisible trail on the glacier which can be traced only by the guides should be followed walking in a group remaining within sight of your guide. Walking up and down the frozen waves of Baltoro we reach Biange camp where you will be treated with another hot lunch. In Balti dialect Biange means “rooster” referring to pointed tip of 7821 meter Masherbrum Peak that soars above Yarmandu Glacier. Today is another big day in terms of views. Biarchedi massif extends for several miles on the southern margins whereas Biange Peaks, Muzhtagh Tower (7273 m) Lobsan Spire, Black Tooth, and Shipton Spire form the northern wall. Gasherbrum IV’s (7925 m) unique squared-off summit beckons towards Concordia and soaring summit of Gasherbrum II (8035 m) peeps over the shoulder of M IV. The camp is located on a vantage point right in middle of the glacier. This would be your first camp on actual glacier. Drink lots of soup and coffee and remain acclimatized and cozy. Overnight in tents (of course!!!!!).

Day 09:

Trek from Ghoro II to Concordia (4650 m) Dist. 9.2 km/6-7 hours/270 m ascent

Today is certainly, the most exciting day of the expedition as you’ll be entering “throne room of mountain gods” as Concordia was proclaimed by the renowned mountain photographer, Galen Rowell. The trail prolongs steadily towards Concordia, working right and close to Biarchedi Glacier, bounded by a sheer wall of fluted snow. As you approach near Concordia, gigantic mass of triple headed Broad Peak (8047 m) appears on the left and on the right is the Jagged Mitre Peak (6025 m). Little further up is the conversion of Godwin-Austin, upper Baltoro, Vigne and half a dozen other tributary glaciers. Normal campsite is on an elevated but flat section of the glacier from where you get splendid views of K2, Broad Peak & Angels Peak in Northern direction whereas Baltoro Kangri, Sia Kangri, Urdok Peak and Chogolisa dominate southern boundary. Usually, seeing this panorama, people run out of the superlatives, as the try to put it in words.  This moment pays off every single penny you have paid for this trip and every single step you have taken to reach this far. Your tent door will be deliberately kept towards “savage mountain” (K2) so you may watch it’s ever changing moods. Overnight in tents.

Day 10:

Rest OR day hike to broad peak base camp. 7-8 hours/camp

Depending on how your mood and conditions either you can choose to spend a day at leisure, taking photos from nearby view points, interacting with porters, munching on hot Samosas & Pakoras OR if your body coping well with altitude and sprits high then go for a day hike to Broad Peak base camp where you might bump into some superstar climber. After enjoying ambiance of base camp, return to Concordia for overnight.

Day 11:

Trek from Concordia to Ghoro II. 4-5 hours/270 m. descent

Keeping in view the unpredictable weather of Karakroum, we allow you to linger on till lunch time and then we begin the return journey heavy-hearted and fully charged with emotions because of remaining so close to such tranquility and sheerness of nature. We retrace to same route but you will surprise yourself by knowing the fact the in spite of the same route one gets a very different perspective of the scenery when you are heading back. Overnight in Camp.

Day 12:

Trek from Goro II to Urdukas. 5-6 hours/12.1 km/330 m descent

It is another “take it easy” day and we shall progress comfortably towards Urdukas, taking loads of pictures and engraving images of nature’s masterpieces in our minds. At camp, your camp crew will be waiting with hot beverages and ah! Don’t ask about the bliss one can get being back on grassy pitch after spending a week on solid ice. Overnight in Camp.

Day 13:

Trek from Urdukas to Paiyu. 7-8 hours/13.5 km/600 m descent

Temperatures significantly rise as we lose altitude therefore an early start will be suggested. We shall descend fast and cover two camps in one go as everyone will be well acclimatized and fit by now. Once off the glacier, you will be certainly feeling relived and you can rub off all the weariness in the lukewarm water at camp’s washing area. Overnight in Camp.

Day 14:

Trek from Paiyu to Jhola/22 km/ 6-7 hours/300 m descent

After an early breakfast we set out on the well-defined trail and reach Jhola in early afternoon. We had skipped this camp on the way up for technical reason. This camp at is also surrounded by Tamarisk and fragrant sage plants. Here you have a dramatic view of tilted Bakhordas Peak. There are some fiberglass cabins where you can get a cold splash. Overnight in Camp.

Day 15:

Jhola to Askole/ 18 km/6-7 hours

We cover the final day of the trip with mix feelings. Sad because of the fond memories of the unforgettable time we have spent in splendid nature and at the same time excited to get back to luxuries like a hot shower and a soft bed. Another sad factor will be to bid farewell to wonderful camp staff who have become close friends through thick and thin. Time to celebrate safe return from mountains while sip on a coke if you have missed it otherwise a cup of “CHAI” is appropriate for the occasion. Overnight in Camp.

Day 16:

Drive Askole to Skardu

After our last camp breakfast we exchange big hugs with our camp staff before setting out for Skardu. We shall again stop at Apoligon for a hot lunch. Time permitting; we shall visit an old monastery and oldest Muslim mosque of Baltistan at Shigar Town. Upon arrival to Skardu we shall transfer you to your hotel. In the afternoon we shall visit local tourism officer for a debriefing session (if required).


Tour Cost: Rs 119,985 per person (minimum 4 adults)

Skardu, Pakistan
16 Days

K2 Base Camp Trek

K2 Base Camp Trek_

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