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6 Day Naltar to Ishkoman Trek

6 Day Naltar to Ishkoman Trek

  • Light to Moderate Trekking
  • Transport, hotel and breakfast included
  • Experienced Mountain Guide and Porters 
  • Camp Meals and fees included

Naltar to Ishkoman (Pakora) Trek is one of the most beautiful short treks in Pakistan. It starts at Naltar, a lush green alpine valley north-west of Gilgit Town. Although not high by the Karakorum standard yet there are dozens of peaks that exceed 5000 meters. In contrast to arid Karakorums, Naltar area gets more rainfall. It also gets plenty of snow in winters therefore serves as the largest ski resort of the country where national and international level winter games are held. Pakistan Air Force winter survival school is also located here. On this trek you shall thoroughly enjoy the alpine meadows, a small glacier (on KK standards), a not so high pass and incredible mountain scenery.

Day 01:   Trek from Upper Naltar to Naltar Lake (3270 m)  otherwise known as Satrangi (7 shades) Lake. 11.2 km/4-5 hours

After an early breakfast, we set out on our exciting adventure, leaving Gilgit by road for Naltar. We shall continue north west following the Hunza River. At Nomal, we shall cross the river and drive up the Naltar Gorge for another 15 km.  From here we will start our trek.  Although a difficult jeep road exists between Upper Naltar and Naltar Lake, we still prefer to walk basically for acclimatization and secondly, to allow you maximum time to capture the superb views of Naltar Mountains. At Beshgiri we ford a small stream. Beyond Bishgiri we walk through lush cedar, chirr pine and juniper & birch forest. After fording another stream we arrive at “Bangla” local version of bungalow that was built when British held their summer office in Naltar. Across a footbridge we walk another 45 minutes and come across the first lake. After another 20 minutes we pass through some shepherd huts and finally arrive at our camp site by the amazingly colorful Naltar Lake.Overnight at Camp.

Day 02:   Trek from Naltar Lake to Lower Shani (3690 m) 9.5 km/3-4 hours/420 m ascent

After breakfast we start our day by skirting the lovely lake and in 15 minutes crossing a wooden footbridge. Over a low rise two more lakes come in view, and the river ahead, braids out. Here we cross the broad area of Shing, walking along the river bed. Local shepherds are called Gujars and there are bunch of shepherd huts at Gupa but we shall follow the main trail that continues on the left side of the settlement. An hour further up we get first glimpses of Mehrbani (5639m) Snow Dome (5029m) and Chaprot Glacier. Lath is another pasture with some huts and from here we get the first view of Shani Glacier. It takes another hour and half to skirt the terminus of Shani Glacier and finally we reach Lower Shani from where we get good views of Pakora Pass.Overnight in camp

Day 03:   Trek from Lower Shani to Pakora High Camp (4230m) 2-3 hours/4.4km/540 m ascent

Today we climb up the moderate slopes laden with Rhubarb and Juniper besides the colorful balnkets of alpine flowers. In 45 minutes we arrive to a set of huts at upper Shani. A bit further up we cross a small side stream and ascend the steep, grassy, flower carpeted slope where horses and Yaks graze. Further up we come across a rockier terrain to where the slope levels out. Following a large clear water stream we arrive at Pakora High Camp marked by a few stone shelters. Overwhelming views of Naltar Mountains and glaciers will entertain you for the rest of the day.Overnight at camp

Day 04:   Trek from High Camp to Jut/Utz (3390m)/4-5 hours/12.2 km/480m ascent/1320m descent

After breakfast we continue ascent following a stream that flows down from west. After an hour and half we reach the eastern side of the pass which has a few snowfields.  Across the crevassed free snowfields we reach Pakora Pass (4710m) North of the pass is impressive Sentinatal Peak (5260m) We descend across the vast snowfield working to the north towards grey moraine. Once we are across the glacier we shall start steady downhill following an obvious trail. The route follows through dense juniper and birch and pine. We cross another footbridge and follow the river till we reach the camp at forested plateau of Jut.Overnight at camp.

Day 05:   Trek from Jut to Pakora (2220m) 4-5 hours/9.7 km/1170 m descent

The descent from Jut to Pakora gets progressively steeper as the canyon narrows. You may certainly feel the temperature as you descend lower. The trail down valley continues on true left side of PakoraGol. As we descend further down the trail becomes a wide donkey trail that runs quite high above the raging Pakora River. Further down we cross another side stream and finally reach the cultivated fields and reach Pakora Village following a jeep road. Be ready to be greeted by majority of the population of the village as they seldom see foreign tourist camping in their village.Overnight at camp.


Day 06:   Drive from Pakora to Gilgit (2500m) 5-6 hours

Today we bid farewell to our camp staff and drive towards Gilgit. Initially we follow Ishkoman River that separates Karakorum Mountains from the ones of Hindukush. At Gahkuch we join the beautiful Ghizar Valley and follow Ghizar River towards east till Gilgit Town, where we will transfer you to your hotel.

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