Things to do in Karachi

There are so many reasons why you should love Karachi. Beaches, joyful people, entertainment, tasty foods are just few names in the list. Below mentioned are some of the things you just can’t afford to miss when you are in Karachi.


Karachi is famous for the beach. It is the favorite spot of many tourists and it is the main reason why they plan to have a tour of Karachi. It is where you can enjoy the cool breezes, calm atmosphere and beautiful sunset. The rocks and cliffs dotted along it will create a great view of you to watch. You will surely enjoy witnessing the fast flowing water splashing into the rocks. Book a hut near the beach and enjoy like never before.

Sunway Lagoon Water Park:

This water park has its own charm. It is the perfect place to enjoy the hot sunny day. You just can’t sit inside a hotel room just because it is hot outside. Can you? This place will turn you day into an enjoying and more entertaining one. It also presents a great view. The place is fully crowded all the time and is very much affordable for all. Visit this place to enjoy a full fun packed day.

Port Grand:

It is one of the best places in Karachi offering a wide range of meals along with the amazing view. Whether you want to enjoy BBQ, Pakistani food, Italian food or some delicious chocolate cakes, this is the place to go. The food street is located on Kaimari Port. The appealing view of deep sea along with the tasty food is sure to make your nights superb. The best time to visit Port Grand is just before the sunset so that you can witness scene you haven’t witnessed before.

Hilal Park Karachi:

If you want to have some quiet time in the hustle bustle of Karachi, you must take the turn to Hilal Park. The park is located in Khayaben e Hial in Defence Phase 7. Most of the people aren’t aware of this park. This is the reason you won’t find it over crowded. The peaceful environment and classy view of place will ensure a calm and pleasant time.


Yearning for some thrill? Well, Sindbad is where you can all the entertainment and thrill you want. The park has a lot to offer. You can enjoy 7D ride with your friends and family. It is the place for adventure lovers. If you are looking for a fun packed day, Sindbad is where you should go. There are other amusement parks in the city as well such as Aladin. Aladin is a huge park and is crowded with people. Sindbad is a bit smaller and well maintained. It’s upon you what you choose.

Dolmen mall:

It is one of the biggest malls in Karachi that offers a huge selection of branded and local shops. You will find everything under one roof. Apart from that, it is a great spot for entertainment as well as food.